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Nawab Khan, the Indian Musician is working towards spreading the magic of Hindustani Music beyond the borders of India. The formal education on Music and Yoga gained by him are his prime assets in this cause. In order to accomplish and fulfill this dream of spreading Indian Classical Music to every corner of the world, Nawab Khan has formed a Meditation Band – THE MANTRA. Being from the Music Gharana, Nawabs family and relatives are a part of this band.


The Band serves the purpose of teaching Yoga as well as serves the purpose of entertainment through their enchanting music. THE MANTRAs purpose is to spread the love of Indian Music and save the diminishing Indian Classical Music culture.

Along with music, Nawab Khan has made an attempt to study all the Holy Books related to and worshipped by different Religions, like:

Islam – Tilawate Kuran

Sanatan – The recitation of AUM and other verses

Christianity – The verses of the Bible

Making a composition by merging all these verses and their meanings together, Nawab Khan through his band, aims to give out the message of Peace, Harmony and Unity to all the Religions.

The MANTRA BAND comprises of 5 main elements which are as follows:

  • Yoga
  • Indian Classical Music
  • MEDITATION Meditation
  • Diagnosis for Music Therapy
  • Message of Peace, Harmony and Unity


Nawab Khan describes yoga as a main and a crucial element. He believes that health plays a vital role in every human beings life, to live the life to the fullest and experiencing happiness. Yoga knowledge is that power which can keep one healthy. For the same reason, Nawab Khan has acquired knowledge and professional learning in yoga and he himself practices yoga on regular basis.


Nawab Khan, with music in his every vein, truly believes that music is the purest form of entertainment and infect it has become more than just a source of entertainment. Music when associated with Yoga, can yield rich results on health front. Determination and concentration, the 2 keys to happiness can be gained by merging yoga and meditation. This technique shall also help in the upliftment of the diminishing Indian classical music culture.


Meditation helps in strengthening your concentration levels by leaps and bonds. An individual cannot achieve the set goal unless and until he/she is determined and concentrated to do so. Once an individual focuses on the accomplishment of something or some work or task, he shall start finding pleasure in implementing the task and shall definitely learn from it. Thus meditation has been given utmost importance as it will pave a way to realization and accomplishments of the goals.


Nawab Khan has been implementing music mediation for quite some time and is a music therapist degree holder. Being a professional music therapist practitioner, he tries to diagnose and heal the diseases in the human body, granting them a healthier life through his music.


Nawab Khan in his unique way has tried to merge the preaching of all the religions into the music of his band. The verses from Islam, Hinduism and Christianity have been merged together, giving out a message to the human race that all the religions preach one thing – God is one and we are the creations of the same God and thus we should live in peace and harmony. Certain verses which are believed to give the listeners infinite peace, are also included in the music skillfully weaved by THE MANTRA band.

Thus, Nawab Khan in his questing after what would make his world a better place to live for the entire human race ? has found his answers in THE HEALING BAND – THE MANTRA. The whole purpose and meaning behind the creation of the band is – Healthy Human Race results in a Healthy World. Thus the healer Nawab Khan would like to exemplify his life as the music healer who would want to make this world a better place to stay for you and for me.


Sufi Music is a genre meant as an expression of devotion to God. Nawab Khan, the director of the band THE MANTRA, believes and explains that Sufism is neither a religion nor a cult. The Mantra showcases the pure indulgence of musical instruments like Santoor, Sarangi and Percussions in Sufi Music. With his deep understanding, knowledge and love for this genre, he has beautifully woven in Sufi music with the use of musical instruments which are essentially used in Indian classical music.

Nawab Khan believes that Sufism can be a way to enhance the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of the listener and a performer. Sufism is as a way of deepening one’s relationship with the Creator – the ‘GOD’. It isn’t bided by a particular Religion or their God and thus with the aim of serving that one Creator of the human race; Nawab Khan has confluenced the sacred mantras from all the religions and has weaved them in his music which will be performed through his band – The Mantra.

His work will present an entire new experience of Sufism and Sufi Music with reflections of Sufi Kalams, Indian Classical Musical instruments and an engraved impression will be made by the Rajasthani Folk performers of his band. Thus an initiative of proving that Sound and music is thus central for the core experience of Sufism; has been taken by Nawab Khan & his band – The Mantra. Their performance will dissolve the physical realm and transcend you into the spiritual universe.