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Carrying a Legacy of classical music, Nawab Khan chose to take a path less trodden. To start with he chose Santoor as his instrument of love. Being from a family where generations together chose and played Sarangi instrument, Nawab chose Santoor to harness and express his creativity. Santoor is an ancient string musical instrument with 100 strings attached, native to Jammu and Kashmir. It is played with a pair of light wooden mallets or hammers with both hands. The santoor is a very delicate instrument and is very sensitive to light strokes and glides. The music flowing from Santoor is equally beautiful to the snow clad mountains & beautiful shikaras on the Dal Lake of Kashmir. Nawab Khan could not remain untouched from the magic of Santoor and ever since he has been passing on the magic. Nawab carries titles like A Santoorist, A Composer, An Experimentalist, A Music Therapist and many more to come.


Nawab started playing music at the age of 6and he discovered his love, interest & passion for Santoor as his main leading instrument. Result? a series of performances with the well known and the ustads of the music world. His santoor has been mesmerizing listeners across the globe since 1994. He has performed with illustrious artists like Ustad Ghulam Mustafa khan, Ustad Dastgeer Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ustad Patti Khan, Ustad Khadim Hussain, Niyaz Ahmed Khan, Aliyaz Khan, Pandit Bhawani Shanker, Ustad Sharif Ghuzal , Philip Jacob, Villi Pal, Carlos Gettezto, Goerge Scott.


Nawab truly living upto his name also boasts of an array of listeners like Prince Charles, Siya Muslim Spiritual leader, His Highness Aga Khan, Sting, Michnel Douglas, Madonna, Kenyan President Kibaki, Liz Hurley’s, Italian businessman Lora Piana. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland & Kenya are some of the countries across India’s shores where he has performed and earned his music lovers.


Not just these, his works include composing music in various Documentary Films, arts scene in Kenya the eye of Nagaur, Museum Victoria Melbourne, Fort of hooded cobra Australia, French Ramayana made by D.D Sailor Company, an assistant music director in Raas Rame Rasiya in Gujarati Album in UK Kamangaro Kaa and so on.


Nawab is on a journey of setting up the Indian classical music way beyond than just entertainment. Spirituality and healing through music are the two major aspects of Indian classical music that are being explored by him. Apart from his prior education of Bachelors in Music, he has also learned MUSIC THERAPY from Shri Govind Kalla and Arvind Pareekji. He is devoted is promotion of Indian classical music and offers his healing music compositions through their organization NINAAD CULTURE CENTRE. Nawab does not only perform but also support and organize many events for the upliftment of Music, Art and Culture through their Ninaad Organisation.


Nawabs santoor performance is the beauty of Kashmir personified. Floating through various sounds and by pushing his creativity, Nawab always strives to give his audiences the best taste of Indian classical music in every form.


Nawab Khan Aims not only to entertain but also heal and establish a spiritual connectivity through Indian classical music.


Never seen before… he is a legend in the making.

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