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Nawab Khan: Master Santoor Virtuoso and Spiritual Catalyst


Embark on a melodic journey with Nawab Khan, a maestro of the illustrious Santoor, a quintessential 100-string Indian classical marvel. Hailing from a lineage steeped in the rich tapestry of Indian classical music for nine generations, Nawab Khan inherited his musical legacy from the resplendent royal courts of Maharajas in Rajasthan.


With strings resonating across continents, Nawab Khan's musical odyssey has graced the hallowed halls of Canada, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Kenya, Africa, Morocco, and beyond.


Beyond the realms of performance, Nawab Khan seamlessly weaves the therapeutic threads of music into the fabric of healing. Under the tutelage of luminaries such as Pt. Govind Kalla and Pt. Arvind Parik, he has mastered the intricate art of clinical and traditional music therapy, transcending boundaries to touch souls with profound resonance.


As a Naada Yoga Grand Master, Nawab Khan delves into the transcendental realms of sound and spirit. Guided by his revered guru, Vidya Nand ji, he unlocks the transformative power of yoga and meditation, offering seekers a sacred sanctuary to harmonize mind, body, and soul.


In his fervent mission to spread the sacred vibrations of music, Nawab Khan spearheads an array of transformative projects:


Music Meditation Center: Nestled within the historical Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Nawab Khan orchestrates a haven of serenity where seekers immerse themselves in the ethereal strains of Indian classical music, finding solace and spiritual rejuvenation.


Naada Yoga Experience: Guiding aspirants on a transcendent voyage, Nawab Khan illuminates the path to inner stillness through the sublime fusion of Indian classical music and ancient yogic practices.


The Mantra Band: In a harmonious celebration of diversity and unity, Nawab Khan unites with his family to form The Mantra Band, harmonizing spiritual mantras from across traditions, radiating messages of love, peace, and harmony.


Festivals and Retreats: From the enchanting Raaga Festival of Indian Classical Music to the transformative Raaga Science Experience Retreat, Nawab Khan curates immersive experiences that beckon participants to explore the depths of musical mysticism.


Social Welfare Initiatives: At the helm of the Raga Welfare Foundation, Nawab Khan champions the cause of cultural preservation, fostering the arts of music, dance, and heritage for generations to come.


Barnava Jageer Project: Crafting a utopian haven for music aficionados, Nawab Khan envisions the Barnava Jageer Project as a vibrant tapestry where creativity flourishes amidst the harmonious synergy of art and community, nestled within the musician village of Rajasthan.


Nawab Khan's resplendent tapestry of musical mastery, spiritual enlightenment, and philanthropic endeavors epitomizes the essence of a soul enraptured by the divine symphony of life. Through his impassioned endeavors, he continues to inspire and uplift hearts across the globe, uniting humanity in the universal language of music and transcendence.

Nawab is on a journey of setting up the Indian classical music way beyond than just entertainment. Spirituality and healing through music are the two major aspects of Indian classical music that are being explored by him. Apart from his prior education of Bachelors in Music, he has also learned MUSIC THERAPY from Shri Govind Kalla and Arvind Pareekji. He is devoted is promotion of Indian classical music and offers his healing music compositions through their organization NINAAD CULTURE CENTRE. Nawab does not only perform but also support and organize many events for the upliftment of Music, Art and Culture through their Ninaad Organisation.


Nawabs santoor performance is the beauty of Kashmir personified. Floating through various sounds and by pushing his creativity, Nawab always strives to give his audiences the best taste of Indian classical music in every form.


Nawab Khan Aims not only to entertain but also heal and establish a spiritual connectivity through Indian classical music.

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